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Main projects


"Evviva – Portiamo il verde alla Maddalena" is an Altravia idea! The project with pot plants grown and cared for by the inhabitants of the historical center is a metaphor for vegetal and cultural biodiversity.


People's Meeting. Fair organises and coordinates in Turin the People’s Meeting for Abiti Puliti Campaign. In collaboration with Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo and 16 other international NGOs.


L'Altravia at the starting blocks, our eco-co-working space where Fair, Terra! and Yoge design, practice and communicate “another economy”.


Pay Up for Abiti Puliti. Fair has been fighting for Rana Plaza victim compensation. Thanks to the Pay Up campaign, eventually Benetton paid 1.2 million dollars in the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund.


No more Rana Plaza. Fair, as national coordinator of Campagna Abiti Puliti, leads the mobilisation and campaign for the Rana Plaza victims. Benetton finally signed the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.


La città che vogliamo. Fair is among the promoters of the first edition of the event "La città che vogliamo" by Rete If-Istruzioni per il futuro, financed by Regione Liguria and Società per Cornigliano.


MEt is opened in Genova Sestri Ponente Fair creates MEt: the first local, ecological and fair trade shop. An innovative model of distribution of high quality essential goods, selected for their high social and environmental criteria.


L’Albero della Vita was born:: the fair trade cotton dress. A perfect example of a totally fair garment from source to tailoring, in collaboration with Thanapara Swallows in Bangladesh and “Lo Spaventapasseri” in Genova.


Made-in-No takes off. The first cotton underwear production 100% organic and fair trade. This project brings together participants from North and South of the world: from Brazilian cotton producers to weavers and small tailors in Novara. In 2010 it wins the Impresa Ambiente Award as the "Best International Cooperation" project.


Fa’ la cosa giusta! Liguria the first edition in Liguria of the ethical consumerism and lifestyle awareness exhibition is organised in Genova by Fair who leads the concept, the general set up and the communication of this event and its next editions in 2009 and 2011.


Campagna Abiti Puliti. Fair becomes national coordinator and one of the promoters of the international campaign in Italy.


Le Equofelpe with the GAS national network. Fair took care of designing, producing and distributing the first 100% sustainable sweatshirt for GAS Italy.